Ecosoft Ecomix systems

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Applications: residential and commercial water treatment.
Filter material: Ecomix® A.
Control Valve: Clack WS1 CE (volume & time controlled).
Removes: hardness, iron, manganese, ammonium, total organic carbon.

Description: contaminant removing is carried during the contact of water with a specially designed and patented material that contains five ingredients of various origins. Inert layer removes adsorbed iron oxides; FerroSorb removes iron and manganese compounds; HumiSorb removes organic and metalorganic impurities; Cation exchange resin softens water; Quartz sand ensures uniform flow across the vessel.

To restore material properties backwashing and brine regeneration are used.


  • high water quality – efficient removal of five major pollutants, regardless of pH, chlorine and hydrogen sulfide content in the source water
  • cost-saving – low capital and operating costs due to application of one filter with combined action instead of 3–4 single action filters
  • ease to use – advanced multifunctional metered control valve Clack CE with multilingual text menu, quick and easy programming procedure, does not require the consumer participation
  • environmentally gentle – reduced wastewater disposal due to lower consumption of salt and water for regeneration
  • prolonged service life of filter media – up to 10 years


ModelNominal flow rate, m3/hMedia volume, lCapacity, m3 (at 14 °dH raw water)Salt consumption for regeneration, kgWater consumption for regeneration, m3
FK 1035 CE1,325,03,52,50,25
FK 1035 Cab CE1,325,03,52,50,25
FK 1054 CE1,337,05,23,70,38
FK 1252 CE1,850,07,05,00,50
FK 1252 CE2,262,08,76,20,62
FK 1465 CE2,575,010,57,50,75
FK 1665 CE3,3100,014,010,01,0

Influent limitations**

Hardness — 42 0dHIron — 15,0 ppmManganese — 3,0 ppmAmmonia — 4 ppmCOD — 80 ppm KMnO4