At Complete Water Solutions we have a range of Water Softeners, both with separate brine tank or complete Cabinet Units in various sizes and volumes of resin.

All our systems are Metered, and we use NSF approved WS1 CI Clack Valves  as well as NSF approved resin for all our softeners. We dont believe one size fits all, so we will recommend which Softener is best, for the location and for the level of hardness, as well as the number of people who will use the Softened Water.

It is important to remember, before you purchase a water softener, that you have the correct size for the job. Undersized Metered Softeners, will regenerate more frequently than a larger softener. This will lead to more water usage, as the softener uses water to regenerate when the resin requires back washing. If space is not a factor the golden rule is Larger Softener with Higher Capacity volume of Resin.

Enjoy Softened water throughout your home for Showering and Bathing, as well as protecting your Appliances - Showers - Immersion Heating System etc, from Limescale Damage. Softened Water can reduce your Heating Bill by up to 30% as well as protecting your Boiler and Pipework.

                                                                             Clack Metered Cabinet Water Softeners available with 8 - 10 - 20 and 30 Litres of Resin

                                                                                             These units are Self Contained, which is ideal where space is a problem


                                                                                                  Clack Metered Water Softener 10 x 24 with 20 Litres of Resin

                                                                                                       Clack Metered Water Softener 10 x 24 with 20 Litres of Resin

                                                                                                                            in Weatherproof Keter Shed fitted Outside

                                                                                                  Clack Metered Water Softener 10 x 33 with 30 Litres of Resin

                                                                                           Clack Metered Water Softener 10 x 44 with 40 Litres of Resin

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