Reverse Osmosis uses membrane technology to deliver virtually pure water from any source

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                    Reverse Osmosis




Reverse Osmosis comes with or without pump.

Pumped system is only necessary if your incoming water pressure is below 2.8 Bar.Depending on your mains water supply pressure, we can recommend which model is best suited to your needs. Units come complete with all accessories ,plus Chrome Faucet and fitting instructions.

Stage 1      5 micron PP Sediment Filter

Stage 2      GAC Granular Activated Carbon Filter

Stage 3      CTO Carbon Block Filter

Stage 4      50 GPD  Gallon per Day Membrane

Stage 5      Post Carbon Inline Filter

Stage 6      Optional  : Mineral - Alkaline - Di Ionization Filter or UV ( Ultraviolet ) unit.

                           ECOSOFT RObust Commercial Reverse Osmosis for Cafes and Restaurants


  • Flow capacity 60 l/hr (@ 25degC & feed water TDS of 1000 ppm)
  • Water consumption during operation 120 l/hr
  • Power supply 220V, 50Hz
  • Power Consumption 0.08kW
  • 3 x DOW Filmtec 100 gpd membranes
  • Electrical protection to avoid dry running
  • 2 off pre-filters with 1 off post carbon

Applications: for water purification in cafes, restaurants, apartments, cottages, pharmacies, laboratories.

Removes: total dissolved solids, nitrates, chlorides, sulfates, hydrocarbonates and hardness.

Description: impurities present in water are removed during the contact with semipermeable membrane. Membrane passes water molecules and retains all the remained impurities. As a result two water streams are generated: purified water (permeate) and the concentrate that is discharged into the sewers. The feature of RObust system is that it include three Filmtec membranes with productivity of 100 GPD. Two of three membranes are connected in parallel and one is connected at the outlet of consecrate line of two previous. This technical solution provides high productivity of the system and minimizes the concentrate discharge.


  • pure water — highest degree of all impurities removing, including organic, inorganic substances and microorganisms
  • delicious water — improving of organoleptic water properties due to highly efficient coconut activated carbon on the last stage of the treatment
  • stability & efficiency — consistently high treatment efficiency and long service life due to application of membranes Filmtec (Dow Chemical)
  • ease to use — system include convenient connection bar with visualized icons and specific indicators that allow to monitor system performance and to change cartridges timely
  • system protection — progressive automation provides electrical protection of the pump from dry running


Flow capacity, l/hour*Water consumption during
operation, l/hourPower supplyPower consumption, kWDimensions
(H x W x D), mm60120220 V, 50 Hz0,08420 x 220 x 425  



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