Welcome to Complete Water Solutions, the Clean - Soft and Pure Water company. We are a family run, fully Irish owned company with over 20 years in the  Water Treatment Business. You can be assured that all our systems meet WQA and NSF Standards. All our products carry a Full Warranty, and we also provide regular Servicing & Sanitizing plus a full range of Replacement Filters and Parts. We treat all our clients individually, and tailor a system to suit their requirements, and also their budget. Treat yourself and your family to Filtered & Purified Water on tap each day - every day, and also enjoy the many benefits of installing a Water Softener in your home. These include Soft Water for Bathing and Showering, protecting your Washing Machine - Dishwasher - Heating System - Hot Water Cylinder etc etc , from the damage of Limescale build up. Your Energy costs will be greatly reduced, by up to 30%, and you will also save on purchasing cleaning products. Showering with Soft Water leaves your hair feeling silky, and helps reduce skin iritations caused by Hard Water. Your dishes will clean much better and have a silky feeling also.The clothes from your washing machine will wash much better and have a soft feeling . Call us today and we can discuss our range of products, best suited for your needs and budget.

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